Centre Technologies was founded with a vision: to help businesses of all sizes reach their goals by providing them with the right technology tools. We make it a point to position our company as a partner, not a provider. Centre Technologies made its name by being a trusted partner to, not only our clients, but also to our technology manufacturing partners and employees.

Centre’s business model is simple and sustainable:

  • Never stop researching the latest technologies.
  • Recommend the solutions that give businesses the most value for their investment.
  • Partner with only best-of-breed IT manufacturers.
  • Hire the most capable and passionate talent then invest in their growth.

Centre Technologies stands apart from its competitors with its methodologies, employees, and approach to IT solutions. The embodiment of this is Centre’s C-Stack. Founder and company CEO, Chris Pace, developed it as the model of the ideal infrastructure. C-Stack is Centre’s trademark infrastructure design, fully optimized for speed, security, efficiency, scalability, and manageability.

What We Do

We are a full service technology company serving Houston, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, and surrounding areas. By “full service,” we mean that we are a team that’s able to assess, design, deploy, and support any IT solution from the classic to the cutting-edge.managed_icon

Centre Assist:

Consistent and reliable IT support. A true extension of your team with proven SLA’s to fix IT pains, faster.hosted_icon

Hosted Services:

Proven, flexible solution tailored to your business needs and built from enterprise class hardware and software.project_icon

Project Services:

A team of trusted advisors that keep you engaged at every stage of your project.sales_icon


More than just your point of contact- they are knowledgeable account managers focused on developing long-term relationships with your business.

Company History and Outlook

Centre Technologies opened in 2006 to challenge the traditional VAR (value-added reseller) model. While most VAR’s bought and re-sold hardware and software from IT manufacturers, founder Chris Pace wanted to develop a business model that did more for the customer. He wanted to redefine what “value-added” meant for his customers and coined the resulting business model “VAP,” or value-added partner. The value included strategic business planning with the client, customizing a technology solution, delivering and implementing the solution, and supporting the solution for its lifetime.

Pace had to convince his prospective customers to change their way of thinking. Instead of purchasing a product from an IT manufacturer, he encouraged his customers to invest in a full, robust solution designed by an experienced IT consultant. In an industry saturated with tech, Pace had to show his customers the value of implementing the right long-term solutions for everyday business problems.

The future of Pace’s company is bright with a plan to be a 100 million dollar company by 2019. He plans to hire new employees as needed, never hold back on acquiring new talent, and invest in all of Centre’s territories throughout Texas and Louisiana.icons-06