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Don’t Be A Victim of Cybercrime: A Guide to What Not To Do

Each year over the past decade, cybercrime has increased.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2005, 67 percent of businesses detected at least one instance of cybercrime and 60 percent detected one or more type of cyber attack.  Think about that.  Only 12 years ago, well over half of all businesses were attacked.  […]

Things You Can’t Expect from IT Project Services

There are a lot of things that you can request from IT project services to support your team and keep your business moving: technical help, organization, advice on network technology, and so much more. You might begin to believe you can ask for an unlimited amount of stuff, but in reality there are actually things […]

Who’s watching your network security?

No matter the size of a business—whether a small healthcare office with only 32 doctors, nurses, assistants, administrators, and receptionists, or a large financial firm with over 400 risk assessors, trade makers, human resource assistants, and compliance professionals—network security is a growing concern as businesses recognize the risks of insecure networks. Which can lead to […]

Ransomware Outbreak Alert

“Wanna Cry” Outbreak Alert We are continuing to follow news reports of the Wanna Cry virus (ransomware strain) that has lodged over 200,000 attacks in at least 150 countries. We are strongly encouraging our valued partners to remind users that email attachments and website drive-by infections continue to be the most likely attack vector for Ransomware events. End-user education and vigilance are […]

Your Business Benefits from Customized IT Project Services

The pace of change in IT is lightning fast, with new technologies coming down the wire every single day. There’s also a new delivery model, with the vast majority of IT services today running in the cloud. With this rapid acceleration of technology advancement, much of the work we do is project-based, creating customized solutions […]

4 ways that Network Security is Just Like Hunting

On the surface, hunting and network security seem to be worlds apart. But despite the obvious differences, both activities emerged from the basic needs to maintain safety and manage the uncertainty of our environment. This similarity can give us a lot of insight into the most important aspects of partnering to secure and protect your […]

Are You Confident in Your Network Security?

Sitting down to write about how you might feel about your network security, we wanted to be positive — you know, avoiding scary gloom and doom. But when it comes to your business, fear, uncertainty and doubt are the realities you must face before you can be confident about protecting your business. Of course, there […]

What Hosted Services Aren’t

Most companies reside in a grey area in which they are dependent on technology to survive and thrive but it’s not cost effective to build a custom network infrastructure. For these businesses, hosted services are the logical solution.