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Why You Need a Technical Support Specialist

With technology being so vital to a business’s success, you need that extra care. Discover how a technical support specialist provides just that.

Data security tips for enterprises with BYOD

As mobile devices continue to offer an effective collaboration…
Outdated technology

Less than Ideal Alternatives to Traditional Data Backup

Data backup can be a tedious and snooze-inducing habit to get…
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan Like a Pro

Much like emergency plans are meant to keep order in the real world, disaster recovery plans are used to preserve the IT infrastructure of a company in the event of a catastrophe.
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Interview with Kathy Pace Scholarship Winner - Katelyn Trout

The Kathy Pace Technology Scholarship honors the late Kathy Pace,…
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Awesome New Changes at Centre Technologies for Improved IT Support

Cool things are brewing at Centre Technologies, and we’re so excited about the new improvements for IT Support, we just have to share them with you!
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Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® Winner

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact: Best and Brightest Companies…
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5 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses  

Over the past 2 years, multiple mega-businesses like Target and…