Hosted Services

What Hosted Services Aren’t

Most companies reside in a grey area in which they are dependent on technology to survive and thrive but it’s not cost effective to build a custom network infrastructure. For these businesses, hosted services are the logical solution.
Computer technicians discussing their Infrastructure-as-a-Service build

The Decision of Infrastructure-as-a-Service

While Infrastructure-as-a-Service is not the best fit for every single company, it is a very flexible solution that works well for many.
Computer technician building IaaS

What is IaaS?

With IaaS, scalability is key. Your company will be given the resources it needs, when it needs them. You will not pay for infrastructure you don’t use, and you will not lack greater capacity if the load calls for it.
it support with centre technologies

Keep Down Risks With the Right IT Support

Neglecting IT support is one of the biggest risks a business can take, but properly investing in it can protect you from forces that are much more malicious than spilled coffee.
IT Support

What to Look For in Your IT Support

Your IT keeps your business running, so you need to make sure that it’s always in top notch shape. Check out these necessary aspects of IT support
IT consultant inspects data backup server

5 Key Items to Consider When It Comes to Data Backup

Five key aspects of data backup every company should consider include redundancy, security, accessibility, reliability, and speed.
a cloud data backup center

The History of Data Backup

The breakneck speed of the 21st century wouldn’t be possible if not for the evolution of data backup.
Painting of the First Thanksgiving

How The First Thanksgiving Attendees Could Have Benefitted from IT Support

Had our forefathers simply had access to IT support back then, life would have been – like – a million times easier. Here are a few ways how:
A businessman talking with his IT consultant

How an IT Consultant can Take You To The Next Level

In this extremely competitive world, you need all the tools out there to stay ahead. Read on to see how an IT consultant can take you to the next level.
Business tech-guy giving a thumbs up

Why You Need a Technical Support Specialist

With technology being so vital to a business’s success, you need that extra care. Discover how a technical support specialist provides just that.