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Protect Your Business from Mobile Demons with Mobile Device Management

MDM should not mean Mobile Demon Mayhem

MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is the practice of slaying mobile demon problems before they happen. According to Pew Research, 45% of working adults use their personal mobile devices to access work applications from home.

Work ethic aside, this BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) methodology poses problems for businesses who want to keep their company data and applications secure. Digital media is summoned and sent, literally, through the air, and this data transfer between personal devices and company servers may fall victim to a mobile demon:

• Corporate Data Vulnerability
• User Restrictions
• Device Incompatibility
• Viruses and Malware
• Security Non-Compliance

Mobile Device Management is the ritual that wards off mobile demons. MDM hides your company’s data in a centrally-controlled cloud with permission-based security.

How to Save Your Business with Mobile Device Management Solutions

All mobile device management solutions on the market include the use of cloud-based technology to avoid hosting applications and data where mobile demons are most rampant- the employee’s device.

Cloud-based solutions, like MobileIron and Centrify, offer permission-based security to control who can (and can’t) access data remotely on their device. Depending on the type of security each user has, they can:

1. Access, modify, and download any company applications and files.
2. Access and modify select company applications and files.
3. Access applications only.
4. Access view-only permission for company files.

Mobile demons can’t haunt data that they can’t reach. MDM solutions use a single point of management to regulate how data is accessed and shared by employees remotely, allowing your employees to be productive wherever they are, while protecting critical company data from mobile demons.

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