When you have the right IT solution, growth is not just possible: its inevitable. Enterprise Consulting is more than just product fulfillment: it is a promise to deliver an IT solution that looks at your company’s big picture. Only Centre Technologies approaches our clients to be their value added partner. We don’t want to just be your IT solutions provider; we want to be a part of what makes your business thrive. Our Enterprise Consulting solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your business and your budget.project_icon

Project Services

Our Project Services team takes care of more than just your IT project- they are a trusted advisor that keeps you engaged at every stage of your project.


Hosted Services

Centre’s Hosted Services are flexible and tailored to the needs of your business. We provide a proven solution, giving our customers the same enterprise-class hosted services that we use for ourselves.managed_icon

Centre Assist

Centre’s Assist team provides more than just consistent and reliable IT support- they are a true extension of your team with proven SLA’s to fix your IT pains, faster.sales_icon


Centre’s Sales team is more than just your point of contact- they are knowledgeable, strategic account managers with a focus on developing a long-term relationship with you and your business.

Get Enterprise Level Solutions with C-Stack

Centre’s C-Stack is the foundation for all of our IT projects. C-Stack combines compute, network, telephony, and operations, giving our consultants a menu of services to choose from to begin crafting an IT solution that perfectly fits your business’s needs. Our C-Stack is a solid foundation made from best-of-breed partner products because we believe that every solution we offer should be resilient, scalable, and manageable.


Enterprise Consulting Fixes Your IT Pains

Our Enterprise Consulting solutions are geared to create a solid foundation for you to improve the way you serve your customers. We are prepared to assist you on both short-term projects and for ongoing projects -even if accomplishing your goals requires resources beyond what you have in-house. Regardless of the project scope, our solutions are developed with a focus on costs and performance.

Imagine if one choice could improve your business’s productivity, creativity, and bottom line. Our Enterprise Consulting projects have ranged from the simple to the complex, and each of our clients has reaped the benefits of their partnership with us. In addition to your team of certified consultants, choosing Centre Technologies as your Enterprise Consulting partner also gives you access to our network of best-of-breed partners. Centre only partners with IT companies whose products we deem are the best in the industry, and we pass the value of that relationship your business.

The Value of Enterprise Consulting with Centre Technologies

  • Our certified consultants are more than just engineers -they are IT solutions professionals who are a working part of your business team.
  • Our projects are scalable, designed to grow with your business and protect your initial investment.
  • Our projects are manageable, and we enable you to orchestrate your entire system from a single point of administration.

Our consultants are well-versed in identifying IT solutions that drive down costs, increase efficiency, and provide flexibility for future growth and for ongoing management of your information and services.

Contact a certified consultant at Centre Technologies to learn more about your Enterprise Consulting options today.