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5 Key Items to Consider When It Comes to Data Backup

Five key aspects of data backup every company should consider include redundancy, security, accessibility, reliability, and speed.
a cloud data backup center

The History of Data Backup

The breakneck speed of the 21st century wouldn’t be possible if not for the evolution of data backup.
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Four Disaster Videos That Show the Importance of DR

The earth itself is unstable by nature (by default, our world…

Centre Brings Together Earth's Mightiest Disaster Recovery Team

On May 1, 2015, Centre Technologies brought together a disaster…
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Help! I Lost My Data!

Hopefully, you’ll never have to say this while wailing over…
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5 Network Disaster Recovery Plan Pieces You’re Missing

Network disaster recovery is not a one-and-done process, nor…

Is Your Business Safe from a Godzilla Attack?

Data Disasters have Risen 400% in 60 Years Between cyber criminals,…
Designing A Disaster Recovery Plan

15 Steps for Designing a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Technology plays an essential role in practically every aspect…