DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4144

Effective as of March 2, 2018


Cooperative Contract Overview

This contract covers IT security products and related services.

To see if your organization qualifies, review our customer eligibility requirements. For non-Texan organizations, please see Customers Outside the State of Texas


Available Products & Services

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  1. CheckPoint
  2. ESET
  3. Centre Project Services
    *Requires collaboration to develop Scope of Work and deliver quote. All services include negotiated DIR customer discounts per DIR price list.
    • Virtual System/Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Management through Centre Assist and C-Stack™ solutions
    • Security Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Management through Centre Assist Services and Block Hours Support Services
    • Contingency Planning, Operational and Disaster Recovery Posture and C-Stack™ solution recommendations
    • Basic Technical Infrastructure Assessment and C-Stack solution recommendations
    • Comprehensive Assessment of Risk and Technical Infrastructure Security (ARTIS™) and C-Stack™ solution recommendations


Product & Purchasing Information


Contact Information

Willie Mata 
Director of Security, Risk and Compliance
Contact via email

Todd Swaney
Chief Operations Officer
Contact via email

Phone: 281-506-2480

General Inquiries: DIR4144@centretechnologies.com


Additional Information