DIR Contract Number: DIR-TSO-4352

Effective as of November 8, 2019


Cooperative Contract Overview

This contract covers Datrium Disaggregated Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (DHCI) Data Storage, Data Communications and Networking products, including Datrium DVX.

To see if your organization qualifies, review our customer eligibility requirements. For non-Texan organizations, please see Customers Outside the State of Texas


Available Products & Services

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  1. Datrium DVX Data Node Hardware
  2. Datrium DVX Compute Node Hardware
  3. Datrium DVX Software
  4. Datrium DVX Data Node Support
  5. Datrium DVX Compute Node Support


Product & Purchasing Information


Contact Information

Willie Mata 
Director of Security, Risk and Compliance
Contact via email

Todd Swaney
Chief Operations Officer
Contact via email

Phone: 281-506-2480

General Inquiries: DIR4352@centretechnologies.com


Additional Information